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AquaFun Splash Pad - The Ultimate Aquatic Adventure for Dogs and Kids

AquaFun Splash Pad - The Ultimate Aquatic Adventure for Dogs and Kids

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AquaFun Splash Pad for Dogs and Kids

Introducing the AquaFun Splash Pad, the ultimate aquatic playground designed for the boundless energy of both dogs and kids! Get ready for a splashing good time with this innovative and interactive water play mat.  

Built with safety and fun in mind, the AquaFun Splash Pad offers a refreshing escape from the summer heat. It features a durable and non-toxic material that is gentle on delicate paws and sensitive skin, ensuring a worry-free experience for all. The spacious and vibrant splash pad provides ample room for kids and dogs to frolic, jump, and play together, creating unforgettable memories of laughter and joy.

Key Features:

  • Made of BPA-free, high-quality PVC material. This pool is 100% safe for your dogs and kids to use!
  • Mat is 0.58mm thick, preventing mat punctures causing a leak unless your puppy friend has long nails so it's better to have your dogs nails trimmed before letting them play in the splash pad!
  • Multiple sizes - small (39in diameter), medium (59 in diameter) and large (67 in diameter).  This pool accomodates dogs of all sizes from a Chihuahua to a Rottweiler and kids of all sizes too!!
  • Easily increase or decrease the height of the water by adjusting the water pressure.
  • Good for your yard as your lawn gets a “drink” too!
  • Easy to use - there is no need to use the included hose fitting if your garden hose has a 3/4" connection, which can connect directly to the pool.  The included hose fitting is suitable for water pipes without thread.
  • Has a large drainage hole and multiple suction holes so draining the pool is quick and convenient.
  • Easy to carry - can be folded to make it easy to transport or easy to store.

Whether you're seeking a water-filled adventure for your four-legged companion or a delightful playtime experience for your little ones, the AquaFun Splash Pad is the perfect choice. Get ready to make a splash this summer with the AquaFun Splash Pad – the ultimate fusion of water fun and boundless joy for dogs and kids alike!

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